Die Farbe

The German independent adaptation of “The Colour Out of Space”, essentially an ambitious, but inspired, black and white film well shot and respectful of the original story. It translates the events in pre-WW2 Germany, adding some narrative to do that, but keeping everything as close as possible to the source material.

The good: 

Really inspired art direction, from the clever way color is used in the BW movie, to the nice design of the cover, it also has a very good photography. The respect of the source material is almost too much, effects are few but really nice and last but not least, the acting is good, too.


The bad: 

They didn’t translate the story for the film medium, resulting in a too descriptive feeling, more like an illustration of the text than a real movie, the pace and the emotional engagement aren’t quite there as well.

I also think the problem with small budgets lies in attaining the complexity of the visuals the source material demands. Clever solutions can suggest everything and build tension without showing anything at all, like in the 1950’s movie “Cat People”, but “Die Farbe” needs a lot more visual clues described in the original text! As the Lovecraft bibliography goes, I think it isn’t the best choice to translate to a very small budget film.

still 2

It remains one of the best and most faithful, maybe the most faithful, adaptation I ever saw of a Lovecraft story, a well done piece of content, with lots of great art created by passionate people for our tribe to enjoy! And worthy of appreciation, too! I think it’s an essential piece to be watched and shared! I see it as the beginning of great things to come, and I hope to be able to perform as well as they have, aiming to manage, with some luck, to show less limitations in the production!


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